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Magnus Invention Management Ltd - trading as Magnus Life Science (MI)

Magnus Life Science,
Rayne Building,
5 University Street,
London Wc1E 6JF

Main Website » www.magnuslifescience.co.uk

Human disease will only be conquered by new ideas. Magnus has those ideas and employs a novel approach to the advancement and rapid development of valuable new discoveries in biomedicine.

Every organ depends on the quality and quantity of the blood delivered to it. Disease is caused by interference with this process. Magnus Science has identified how to restore natural processes and establish health.

This approach has come out of many years of deep research in one of the world’s leading universities, University College London. These ideas are completely original and powerful. Magnus has developed these ideas into new treatments for fetal conditions, heart disease and cancer which will be taken into patients in a rapid and focused way by Magnus scientists who are also practicing clinicians.

Personnel Involved

Prof. John Martin
Prof John Martin
Dr David Campbell
Dr David Campbell
Ms Gabi Robinson
Gabi Robinson