Project Management - National and European Research Projects

As well as assisting in the creation of a bespoke funding strategy and the proposal development process, we are also able to offer our services and experience in project management. Many projects can benefit greatly from a partner dedicated to offering managerial and administrative support to the technical team. We are able to provide project consortia with our expertise in the management of research and development projects across a variety of disciplines, helping to support successful delivery of your project in terms of scope, budget and schedule.

Euram can provide support in the following areas:

Contract Negotiations

Once your project has been selected for funding, the contract between the relevant funding body and the consortium partners needs to be prepared and signed. This is a vital step between securing the funding and initiating your programme of research.

We can help support you through this process, providing guidance relating to project execution, the management of the consortium agreement and project description of work, which both define the roles and responsibilities of each member of the project consortium and aid the resolution of any administrative or contractual issues within the consortium.


The generation of reports and documentation associated with project deliverables is an important part of the management of funded programmes of research that may not have the available resources to appropriately address the level of involvement, expertise and effort involved.

Our role in research and development projects will often involve management of the generation of such reports and documentation, supporting the technical experts and liaising with relevant members of the team in order to ensure that these obligations are fulfilled within any deadlines and at a level of high quality.


Having successfully acquired funding for your project, monitoring project spend naturally becomes a key to project success.

Ensuring that spend is monitored, provisions are made to allow for adjustments in the initial budget forecast and collating cost statements and processing financial audit certificates for members of the consortium are all tasks that we regularly manage, and our experienced team are well-versed in the subtleties found in the European funding landscape.


Project teams may be dispersed across the globe in various locations, making effective communication between all parties extremely important, and a key supporting structure for the work being undertaken.

We have significant experience in supporting project consortia in their communication activities, facilitating communications between consortia and funding and/or governing bodies. Our roles include organisation and minute-taking of project meetings, the identification of major actions to facilitate progress, the monitoring of any risks identified throughout the project, as well as the management of collaborative efforts involved in the generation of important project reports, reviews and deliverables.


Many funding bodies require active participation in dissemination activities to both technical experts and laypersons as a contractual obligation for consortia, meaning this should be managed effectively during the lifespan of funded projects. The depth and scope of dissemination activities are heavily reliant on the context of your research and the content that it is to produce, as well as the resources available to carry out such tasks.

We are able to facilitate your dissemination activities through the production of a project website to provide relevant information to both technical and non-technical members of the public, as well as manage the production of project dissemination media, including videos for publication.


Management of intellectual property throughout the lifetime of a funded project is key to protecting research outcomes, but also to plan an effective route of commercialization.

Using our network of contacts within the private sector and experience of forming new technology start-up companies, we are able to support the development of credible project exploitation and commercialization strategies. This includes advice and guidance on intellectual property management, business plan development and potential routes to market for new technologies.